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If you had a dollar for every time you forgot an item on your grocery list, you'd never have to worry about buying groceries again. You'd be stocked for life. That's how often people forget the little things like shopping items and phone numbers, etc. Don't let the little things turn to big things. Read these memory-saving tips now.


You should try to socialize and have fun. Although it sounds strange, socializing with friends is a great workout for your brain. Laughing is also vital for brain health, as it uses many parts of your brain. It can also help you to think in broader terms and keep it active.


Make sure that your diet has good sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. Most commonly found in fish, these fatty acids do a superb job of keeping your brain on its toes. Numerous studies have shown a positive benefit to the brain when the diet contains omega-3's. Try adding pink salmon, walnuts and flax seed, so you can get this essential fat.


Studies have shown that Omega-3 and other nutritional supplements found in fish can increase memory and brain cell development. For this reason, a diet rich in fish and products laced with Omega-3 can help you improve your abilities of reasoning and recall. Make sure your diet is consistent with overall brain health, and try not to ignore fish on the menu.


Exercise your brain frequently. Consider activities where you need to improve. Repeating what you already know will lead nowhere and will not create new connections among your brain cells. Break your routines frequently and find new ways of doing your everyday chores. Choose activities which are new, fun and challenging.


Pay attention when you want to memorize something. Clear your mind completely and focus on the subject and avoid outside distractions such as noises and images. Persons with focusing difficulties should find a silent, remote location to improve focusing and speeding up the memorization process. Use pleasant music to enhance your focusing.


A mnemonic device can help your memory. Trying to remember the planets in our solar system? Remember that "My Very Excellent Mother Just Served Us Nachos". The first letter of each word represents a planet and may be easier to remember than just a list of the planets in order.


Regularly challenging your brain can help you improve your memory. Learning new, complex tasks such as a foreign language or how to play a musical instrument will help your brain stay active. Remember the old saying "Use it or lose it?" The same thing's true for your mind!


When trying to commit information into your long-term memory, make sure you are in a location with zero distractions. It takes real attention to move information from short-term to long-term memory, and a distracting environment can make the task nearly impossible. Steer clear of areas where there are televisions, radios, crowds or lots of visual stimuli.


Yes, those little memory lapses may eventually morph into big memory lapses. Forgetting what to buy at the store today, may turn into forgetting to pick your kid up from soccer practice tomorrow. Stop the bleeding by training your brain to retain the memories. Use the tips in this article to help you to remember more.


To learn more about the actual techniques and games used to practice the methods mentioned in this article go to Games are a fun way to improve memory and train your brain to remember better.

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Lumosity's games are scientifically designed to improve memory and attention and offer fun and easy brain training in less than 10 minutes a day. Lumosity's games train you for cognitive fitness, each exercising a different cognitive function - including: flexibility, working memory, attention, processing speed, and cognitive control. Lumosity's games provide users with a unique, fun, and healthy experience.


Memory Matrix - Challenges Memory and Retention

Memory Matrix works your memory for shapes, spatial layouts and pattern recall. You must take a quick mental "snapshot" of the grid so you can select the correct squares.

Exercising: Spatial Recall


Used for:

1) Sense of 3-D environment

2) Remembering location of objects

3) Recalling visual items


Example: "I want to know where my keys are and how to find my car."


Try the games on this site and start improving your memory!


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