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How to Improve Brain Function – Can You Teach Yourself to Remember Better?

Are you becoming more forgetful? Are you feeling lethargic after lunch? Are you wondering how you can improve brain function? Accept the fact that you need to improve your memory and do something about it.

Generally you tend to remember things that are interesting to you, that catch your attention or are memorable in some way. But if you take into consideration and follow some simple methods that can help you improve your brain function, then memorizing will turn out to be a lot easier and you won't struggle each and every day trying to remember important things.

Six simple methods to improve brain function

1. Increase your oxygen intake and stimulate the blood flow to your brain. Exercising on a daily basis is the best way to oxygenate your brain more. Deep breathing exercises can also help to bring more oxygen to your brain.

2. Improve brain function by memorizing a new song or reconnecting to past memories, people or events. This will help you improve your memory performance.

3. Anything that primarily involves finger movement will improve brain function rapidly. You can do various things like painting, sewing, building models, putting together puzzles etc. All these require you to move your fingers more, thus will improve brain function.

4. Consuming vitamin C and E found in highly nutritious foods are essential for brain health. Eat memory boosting foods like sweet potatoes, broccoli, okra, sprouts, carrots, cabbage, soya beans, apricots etc. You'll see the difference by adding these consistently to your diet.

5. Beware of memory depleting chemicals like aluminum, plastics, Teflon etc. They have a negative effect on memory performance as well as your general health.

6. Keep your brain engaged with new concepts that will help stimulate and maintain a healthy brain function. You can keep your brain a lot more active by learning a new language or taking a college course, for example.

The simple methods you just read will help you to improve brain function, thus making it easier to learn and memorize new things. You will soon notice progress in your memory functions and your life will also improve significantly. So start applying these methods today and work your way up to a phenomenal memory!

To learn more about the actual techniques used to practice the methods mentioned in this article go to These techniques are a fun way to improve brain function and train your brain to remember better.

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